Still Stoked

Still Stoked follows Sean Goff a 55 -year-old skateboard legend who pushes his ageing body beyond its limits to compete in one last skate competition.

Release TBC.

Director: Paul Surety   Writer: Paul Surety & Barney Ashton   Starring: Sean Goff   DOP: Huw T Walters
Producer: Paul Surety   Editor: James Norris   Colourist: Felipe Szulc   Music: Pete Blyth

Camden Fire

This documentary feature attempts to solve a unique conundrum: how did this mile long strip of North London, stretching from The Roundhouse down to Koko, and all venues in between, become the number one Rock ‘n Roll Town in the world?

In production.


Bran lives in Hackney.
Just another Eastender.
But looking underneath the surface we reveal that he is Ex-Special Forces with tours of duty in Afghanistan.
And he’s using that experience to live an entirely different life 17,000 clicks away.
Bran works with foundations and flies periodically to Africa, using his combat and reconnaissance skills to protect endangered and highly prized Rhinos.
And he’s not the only one.

In production.

The Joyriders

An investigative journalist discovers a plane crash that killed his Great Aunt and Uncle back in 1938. He is naturally compelled to investigate. The story he uncovers however, is not about their unspeakable deaths – it is about his life and the brutal impact of two tragic joyrides.

In production.


Alex, a middle-aged married man, is having an affair with Alma, his much younger lover.
The couple meet regularly to indulge their passion, but their latest rented love nest is full of 

Director: Paul Surety   Writer: Paul Surety & Alex Giannini   Starring: Anna Marie Cseh & Alex Giannini   DOP: Nick Eriksson   Producer: Paul Surety   Editor: Alessandra Milani   Colourist: Toby Tomkins   Music: Sniffy Dog

Two Plus One

Two Plus One is a black comedy set in a London pub.
It tells the story of the pub’s bartender and one of its regulars getting involved in a bet with a brash man that walks into the establishment. The bet involves a domino that the man is desperate to win from the regular at the bar.

Director: Paul Surety   Writer: Paul Surety & Luke Kelly   Starring: Adam Holden, Danny Midwinter, Alex Giannini   DOP: David Matches   Producer: Paul Surety & Andreas Williamson   Editor: John Smith   Colourist: Aidan Farrell   Music: Gary O’Brien


Noise is a film that uses clever sound design to show the liberating effects of dance.
It shows the world from the perspective of a withdrawn and lonely girl surrounded by arguing or hectoring adults. Instead of dialogue the film is filled with cacophonous noise.

Director: Paul Surety   Writer: Paul Surety   Starring: Cara Doherty, Anna Marie Cseh, Paul Coster, Rob Knighton   DOP: Nick Eriksson   Producer: Paul Surety   Editor: Alessandra Milani   Colourist: Toby Tomkins   Music: Gary O’Brien & Rickard Berg